Roti®-Seal, 20ml


Aqueous coverslip sealant

.Non hazardous ingredients
.Solvent free
.Solidification by light

Rotiseal is used to seal the edges of the coverslip. Solid at room temperature. Prior to use it is melted on a waterbath (max 50-55C), the it is applied around the edges of the coverslip by using a pipette or a glass rod. Exposure to light allows the sealant to harden within a short time.

Roticlear for Histologie, 1 Liter

For dewaxing histological sections. Alternative product for xylene
Roticlear® consists of different hydrocarbons with only little own odour. It is practically free from aromatic compounds and can be mixed with IPA, butanol, ethanol and acetone.
Roticlear® can be used like xylole. The absorption capacity for paraffin is even better than that known from xylole. Therefore, water baths for removing the paraffin need not to be changed so frequently. Roticlear® produces non-sticky cuts and, due to a short evaporation period, enables fast and effective working.
Roticlear® can be used in automates without any difficulty.

Roti-Plast, 1kg voor Histologie

100 % paraffin, for histology
Melting range: 54-56 °C
Roti®-Plast is a special paraffin of highest quality without any additives. It penetrates the tissue quickly, completely and gives it its plasticity

Safranin O, 25gram

C.I 50240

Safranine, voor microscopie, 25ml

Kleuring van plantensnedes. Te gebruiken in combinatie met astra-blauw.

Safranine, voor microscopie, 500ml

1 % safranine solution in water. Replaces Carbolic fuchsine solution during staining procedure of gram-negative bacteria.

Scarlet R, 25 gram


Syn: Sudan IV, Fatty ponceau
Fat-soluble azo dye, used for staining of neutral triglycerides and lipids


Schiff's reagent, 500ml


Solidofix®-Cryo spray, 300ml

Freezing of biological and medical specimens. Cooling of paraffin blocks. As coolant in diagnostic laboratories.
Cooling to -50 °C.
  • The tissue is sprayed for a few seconds with Solidofix®-Freezing spray. Then it can be cut.
  • Solidofix®-Freezing spray cools quickly and gently down to -50 °C
  • It is CFC-free and is not harmful to the ozone layer
  • Contents: Propane/butane gas

Solvagreen, ontkalker, 500ml


Tissues containing solid material such as bones or keratin are to be decalcified before paraffin embedding. Usually the specimens are treated with acids of different concentrations and mixtures.

An especially gentle method is decalcification with EDTA solution.

Decalcifier soft SOLVAGREEN® for histology

The solution contains 25 % EDTA.

The process of decalcification takes more time than acid decalcification (see Decalcifier standard, Art. No. 6483), e.g. bone biopsies need approx. 3‑4 days. The procedure can be accelerated by using a magnetic stirrer. The decalcification takes place in a weakly basic milieu.
Nucleic acids and enzymes are not affected; therefore, the solution is also suitable for immunological applications.

Storax Mountant, 15ml (Microscopie)

A diatom mountant with a refractive index of 1.68.

Sudan (microscopie)


Sudan Black B, 10 gram

C.I 26150

Tartrazine, 25 gram (E102)

Synoniem: E102, FD&C Yellow 5, Food Yellow 4, C.I. Acid Yellow 23, Amarillo

Thionine, 5 gram (C.I 52000)

Basic nuclear dye, used in Nissl-Staining for detection of neurocytes.

Thujon, 5 gram

Syn: Absinthon, Tanaceton

Tolueen, 30ml (Microscopie)

Toluene - used for thinning ringing cements and cleaning brushes

Toluidineblauw, voor microscopie, 5 gram


Tragacanth gom, 100 gram


Trypan blue, 10 gram

Trypan blue is a protein staining azo dye used for vital staining (vitality test of cells), based on its selective ability to pass membranes of damaged cells. Used for polychromatic staining, e.g. to visualise collagen fibres in connective tissue.

Van Gieson oplossing

30 mls of Van Gieson, which is a counterstain to be used after Haematoxylin to show muscle and connective tissues.

Weigert's Resorcinol-Fuchsine oplossing, 500ml

For visualising elastic fibres

Wright's eosin methylene blue, 500ml

Wrights eosin methylene blue solution is used especially for staining blood and bone marrow smears. Additionally, in medicine there are various applicabilities in staining of cytological material such as urine, sputum etc.